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High Efficiency

Geothermal systems are much more efficient than the normal forced air conventional heating and AC systems.  The upfront cost is a little more but the savings in utilities will outweigh the cost over time. We offer financing if needed.

Rebates Available

Most electric cooperatives offer great incentives for the installation of geothermal equipment.  CK Energy provides the ground loops and offer a $1050 per ton rebate to their customers (please check with your electric cooperative for details).  Click on the button below for CK Energy to find out more details.

What Is Geothermal?

Heat Pumps -- Geothermal heat pumps use the natural insulating properties of the earth from just a few feet underground to as much as several hundred feet deep, offering a unique and highly efficient renewable energy technology for heating and cooling.

Most work by circulating water in a closed system through a “loop field” installed horizontally or vertically in the ground adjacent to or even beneath a building. Heat is taken from the building and transferred to the ground in the summer.

The system is reversible, and heat is taken from the ground and used in the building in the winter. The system only moves heat, which is much more efficient than using a fuel or electricity to create heat. 

Geothermal heat pumps can support space heating and cooling needs in almost any part of the country.

We Make It Easy

We will do all of the footwork and make all the contacts to make your geothermal installation as easy as possible for you.  We will set up the initial locate for any buried wires or lines, set up the drilling process, set up the header pit process and we personally will perform the installation of the equipment.  We will also assist you with all of the paperwork involved with the electric cooperative.